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Renovo AWare™ is the first operating system built specifically for automated mobility. AWare provides powerful interfaces for today’s most advanced self-driving software with an ecosystem of partners and technology to help speed development. Truly vehicle agnostic, AWare ensures cross-platform portability. AWare-powered vehicles command hundreds of sensors generating multiple terabytes of data—each hour—on a safe, secure, and scalable platform developed in extremely demanding environments. A sophisticated data orchestration layer ensures a reliable and high-performance flow of data to help train algorithms and optimize operations. Renovo works with a wide range of leading companies who are working to develop and deploy fleets of highly automated vehicles at scale.


Why this is important


Three out of four people in the developed world live in cities. Personal transportation in these urban areas is ultimately judged on convenience and cost. Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD)—fleets of highly automated vehicles as a service—is the optimal solution. It will save lives, reduce congestion, improve air quality and increase energy efficiency. This is a huge opportunity for all of us.

AMoD systems will exponentially displace vehicle miles traveled in cities, making the trip from door-to-door and first and last mile connections radically more affordable, ubiquitous and sustainable.

Building these systems requires powerful new software platforms, and Renovo AWare provides the critical OS layer needed to bring AMoD to market. At Renovo, our mission is to drive the expansion of AMoD to the greatest scale and highest efficiency possible by deploying AWare across highly automated vehicle fleets. 



Renovo’s team is made up of business leaders and technical experts with billion-dollar track records of bringing disruptive products to market. We combine Silicon Valley agility with proven automotive experience, united in a singular commitment to transform the way people and things move.

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